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image July 2011

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BjorkBjork will make a special appearance at the 2011 Iceland Airwaves music festival performing new songs from her forthcoming Biophilia studio album as well as music from her genre-defying back catalogue with a group of unique musical collaborators and a choir of 24 girls. The show will feature a range of specially conceived and crafted instruments, an exhibition demonstrating the visuals, sounds and viruses of the world. Iceland Airwaves is an annual and highly anticipated event taking place in venues throughout Reykjavik October 12-16. Don't forget to check out Icelandair's Airwaves packages from $519. www.icelandair.us  


Man vs WildIn the season premiere of the Discovery Channel show, Man vs. Wild, guest star and Oscar-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal joins adventurer host Bear Grylls on a two-day trek into the wild across the breathtaking and challenging Icelandic landscape. Tackling terrain dominated by mountains, glaciers and icy waters, they encounter Iceland’s intense natural conditions, all in the name of adventure. The season premiere of Man vs. Wild airs Monday, July 11, at 9 p.m. ET, on the Discovery Channel. View clips from the upcoming episode on the Discovery Channel website.


Viking HorseDigital Horse Riding Tour
Lovers of the famous Icelandic Viking horse can experience a digital riding tour on a new website developed by the Horse Breeders Association of Iceland. Users can choose from a variety of gaits as well as choose which stunning Icelandic landscape they’d like to traverse.  www.icehorse-experience.is 

Burfell Power Station – Interactive Energy Exhibition
Visitors to Iceland interested in learning more about our renewable energy sources in an entertaining and interactive way should visit the new exhibition at Burfell Power Station open every day until Aug 31st. The exhibition offers insight into renewable energy production as well as looking to the future and the possibility of harnessing power from geothermal, wind and ocean sources. www.landsvirkjun.com 

Safety First!
Iceland is a country of undeniable raw natural beauty and the elements of nature can often affect your travel plans whether you’re hiking across the highlands or taking a leisurely drive around the island. The Icelandic Search & Rescue Association have organized a website where travelers can check on weather, road and travel conditions as well as download equipment lists for a variety of tours. www.safetravel.is  


Blue LagoonNEW Weekly Flights to Chicago and Winnipeg with Iceland Express

June marked the start of Iceland Express direct flights to Iceland from Chicago as well as Winnipeg in Canada this summer. The airline will fly once a week on Fridays to Chicago and on Sundays to Winnipeg. Iceland Express also services Newark, NJ and Boston, MA. www.icelandexpress.com


Opening Offer at NEW Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Celebrating the completion of a total refurbishment, the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura (formerly Hotel Loftleidir) welcomes guests with an introductory offer from $115 per night from Jun 1 - Sep 30, 2011. During your stay don’t forget to check out the new Satt Restaurant, Soley Natura Spa and fitness center, indoor salt water swimming pool, great lobby with fireplace and the library. www.icelandairhotels.com


HOT Deal from Icelandair: Build Your Own Budget

Have fun in Iceland! The Build Your Own Budget offer from Icelandair includes round-trip airfare, fuel surcharges, two nights hotel in Reykjavik, daily breakfast including morning of arrival! Enjoy shopping for quality Icelandic products, delicious gourmet Icelandic cuisine, invigorating outdoor adventure, legendary nightlife, raw natural beauty, soothing spas and more. Prices start from $599 per person. www.icelandair.us


The PearlWall Street Journal - Take Monday Off: Iceland Long Weekend Travel Guide by Dennis K. Berman: “Endless summer sunlight lets you squeeze gallery going, whale watching, horseback riding and seafood savoring into one long weekend.” Read More


Rolling Stone - Bjork Unveils Multimedia 'Biophilia' Project by Scott Steinberg:  “The singer (Bjork) is gearing up to unveil Biophilia – an ambitious cross-platform project including her seventh studio album (due this fall), high-tech live performances, a revamped website, a documentary and a line of interactive iPad apps (one for each new song) that she will roll out later this year.” Read More

Huffington Post - A Journey to the Center of Iceland by Alex Budak: “While in Iceland, I saw both the most spectacular sunrise, and the most spectacular sunset of my life -- all within a matter of thirty minutes.” Read More

Examiner - Volcanoes on Pause, Iceland Beckons Summer Cruise Travelers by Chris Roberts: “Smaller fiord ports (practice saying their names), especially those along the east coast of Iceland, are proud to have unsurpassed knock-out views and other impressive cultural treats – is that pickled goose and reindeer meatballs for lunch?” Read More

Gayopolis - Gay Travel: Iceland Warms the Heart: “Don't let the name Iceland fool you because the weather is warmed by the North Atlantic current which makes the country's winters more mild than in New York City and it's summers are sunny, comfy and cool, so it never gets too cold or too warm.” Read More 


Travel Weekly - Iceland: Experiences of a Lifetime by Alexandra Rampano:  “The rising sun sends splashes of pink and yellow across the darkness and the transition leaves me gawking foolishly as the volcanic landscape of Iceland reveals itself.” Read More


Harpa Concert HallBesta Outdoor Music Festival (July 8-10)
This fun-filled outdoor music festival in Hella, south Iceland features the hottest Icelandic bands including Gus Gus and Quarashi from July 8-10. Tickets on sale at: www.midi.is

Icelandic Music series at Harpa (July)
The newly opened Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Center is in full swing featuring several concerts and Icelandic music series including Journey through Icelandic Music History, Halldor Laxness and the Music, Music and Icelandic Women and more. For a schedule of events and tickets: www.harpa.is


Innipukinn Music Festival (July 29 – Aug 1)
This annual music festival in its 10th year takes place during Iceland’s Labor Day weekend  in venues located throughout downtown Reykjavik and is packed with local talent. www.innipukinnfestival.is

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Iceland Tops List of World's Most Peaceful Countries

Iceland has been ranked the most peaceful country in the world, according to the 2011 Global Peace Index. [more...]

National Geographic Names Iceland in Top Pictures 2011

"A dazzling green aurora frames the arc of the Milky Way over Jokulsarlon, the largest glacier lake in Iceland, on March 10. The picture is a first-prize winner in the Second International Earth and Sky Photo Contest's 'Beauty of the Night Sky' category. [more...]


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