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Cruises to Iceland


Travelers from all over the world are getting in on the fun of cruising to intriguing Iceland. From a total of nine ports, an alluring range of shore excursions awaits you from the exotic and adventurous to those more indulgent and relaxing. Take in some Viking culture, treat yourself to the ultimate outdoor spa experience, traverse stunning lava fields and glaciers in a super truck, and chase the Midnight Sun down with a sumptuous lobster feast – just to start! Iceland’s small size makes it easy for cruise passengers to enjoy all that Iceland has to offer. Whether your port of call is trendy Reykjavik with its pure energy or a quaint fishing village, you are guaranteed a unique cruise experience as Iceland is like no place else on Earth. And the views don’t get any better! The distinctive geological phenomena of Iceland makes for a truly impressive coastline abundant in mountain ranges, stark cliffs, birdlife and marine mammals. All aboard!

Photo Gallery of the Port of Akureyri

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Hurtigruten invites you aboard the MS Fram to explore the oceans sailed by the Vikings and the lands in which they settled. Iceland and Greenland are both on the itineraries of several voyages which will take you above and below the Arctic Circle to see wild lands and seascapes, amazing indigenous creatures, and even give you the chance to get your feet on the ground for some exploring of your own.

Choose between four 11- though 14-day cruises at special rates only available until Dec. 31. Our favorite is the two-week “Wake Of The Vikings” trip, taking travelers from Reykjavik, to Greenland and ending in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the first Europeans actually landed in North America.

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